All you need is a Spark

Do I have dreams?

Why am I not achieving them?

Do I have potentials?

Why am I not maximizing them?

Do I have talent?

Why am I not using them?

Why am I not where I want to be?

What am I seriously lacking?

Have you at some point asked yourself these questions?.

Let me point this out before I proceed. I may not be the best person to teach about how to fulfill your destiny but I believe that every dreamer is on a journey of success which is full of experiences. We need one another to be able to go this journey successfully. That is why I want to create a community of purposeful achievers.

Everyone has dreams. The missions they want to accomplish and the things they want to become. We all have potentials deposited in us and abilities that we ought to use but have we ever wondered why people are living a life of mediocrity. I have come to realize this through years of learning and practicing the law of success there is something that every potential dreamer need to get to start this journey and keep going.


All you need is a Spark. You can describe it to the oil that propels an engine to move or the energy that causes the light bulb to shine 💡. It is just what you need.
The spark is a fire that is illuminated into our spirit that causes us to take actions. It is the motivation we need each time we want to give up and It takes place on the inside of us.
If we are not sparked up, fired up or light up we will eventually get tired of this journey.

Live everyday with a spark in you to achieve your dreams and see how far you will soar.

Hope you enjoy my write up. I will love to read feedback from you. You can do so by commenting.

Love you.


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