The Discipline Journey

Hello 👋 Jewels, I am so excited 💃because we will be getting motivated once again. I hope you got my message?, If you didn’t, check my previous post. I wrote a message from the depth of my heart just for you 😁. I hope you get inspire like I did.
I have sincerely been brainstorming on what to write next, so many topics and stuff coming to my mind but I decided to write on this particular topic since I felt we often try to dodge it 😆. It is discipline.

While growing up, I was taught that to become a success in life, we need 4D’s. Which is spelt out like this Desire, Discipline,Diligence and Determination. I have come to realize that you cannot become a success without discipline. It is the pillar that holds the house of your success.

What is Discipline?
I will say this, almost everyone hate discipline because it is an inner struggle we have to overcome and it deprived us of certain comfort. But successful people know that if you want to get to the peak,discipline is inevitable. So I have decided to put the definition of discipline this way. It is doing what is expected of you even when you don’t feel like doing it. It is delaying instant gratification. I am yet to see a successful man or woman who lacks self control.

The Discipline Journey is never easy. It is full of ups and downs. There are times you would want to give up but it is like climbing up a stairs, the higher you go, the easier it becomes.

How do I become disciplined?
For those of us finding it difficult disciplining ourselves. I want us to put the words of Leadership coach, Dr. John Maxwell in mind. He wrote, “Developing discipline always begin with a struggle. There is no easy way to become a discipline person. It has nothing to do with talent or ability. It is a matter not of conditions, but of choice. “
I used to have little or no self control. It created a bad personality for me and I could not achieve some of the things I should have years back but after learning this truth, I decided to start from somewhere. The more I started practicing discipline in this particular area of my life, the more it affected other areas. I am happy 😊 because am growing even though it is gradual, it is something.
You will have to start from somewhere. Maybe it is getting to do the house chores on time or getting to stop certain habit and taking up a new one. The more you practice it, the more disciplined you become.

What are you likely to gain from becoming discipline?
When I started my discipline journey it wasn’t easy for me even now. But the more I preserve, I started seeing positive changes which made me believe so much in this discipline stuff. Here are some of the result you will likely get if you start own your discipline journey.

  • You will start doing the things you ought to do
  • You will become responsible
  • You will stop procrastinating
  • You will feel best about yourself when you are able to do certain you couldn’t do because of laziness.
  • You will become more reliable
  • You will have a very good personality.

I hope these get us on our toes. My desire is for everyone reading my blog to become fulfilled and I will do whatever it takes to make that possible. So join me on this discipline journey. If you are interested, I will love to get feedbacks from you.

Lest I forget, I have decided a name to call our community. Something that will connect us together. So I decided to call us The Jewels. What do you think about the name, is it cool? Lol let me read feedbacks from you.
I love you 😘❤️💖


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