What hinders goals

“Action is a great restorer and builder of confidence. Inaction is not only the result, but cause of fear”. _Norman Vincent

When you want to do something big, or start something new, fear sets in. It is an indication that what you plan on doing is something great. You will start doubting your self, the mission and the process.

It is normal to be afraid when you want to do something different or new. It is okay to doubt yourself at first but it is not okay to let the fear control you. It should not stop you or hinder you from doing what you set to do. When you notice that you are afraid, get going because taking action builds your confidence.

Resist fear and it will flee from you

I remember when I wanted to launched this blog. I was overwhelmed with so much excitement as well as fear. So many questions going through my mind. What if I don’t get the funding, what if I can’t cope, what if nobody cares to read, what if it doesn’t turn out successful, what if, what if, what if, and it went on like that till I decided to take action. I am excited today because it is already a reality

Let me tell you something about fear

  • It kills dreams
  • It disabilises
  • It makes you stagnant
  • It is your enemy
  • It hinders progress
  • It is the mother of failure

So what do you do when fear set in?

Start, continue, keep moving and don’t let it overwhelm you. When you do this, you gain confidence to achieve your goals.

I love you Jewels 💞

What have you plan on doing before but could not because of fear. Share with me, I will love to read from you


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