Everyone fails, only few succeed Why?

Welcome Jewels, It is another time to be together. I am writing this short piece in a depressed state but taking advantage of it to inspire us.

Have you ever failed before?, How does it feel like?, Just remember the moments you failed maybe an exam, a dream, a competition, or even experience a physical loss. How do you feel?

Those memories are still stuck in your heart and when you remember them, you feel pain. Failing can be very painful. Nobody wants to fail, everyone loves winning because it does not hurt instead it builds your confidence. The more you win the more you gain confidence.

The effect of failing are never great. They drain the energy within us, demotivate us, weaken, sicken, paralyze, imprison and disheartened us. But do you know that successful people accept failure differently. Their attitude towards failure is what differentiate them.

  • They don’t let the effect control them
  • They accept it and move on
  • They learn the lessons and motivate themselves
  • They strive for success and still expect to fail.

How do you handle failure?. You learn from it and move on. You let it go emotionally. Everyone has failed and will still fail, so failure is inevitable. You just have to develop the right attitude towards it and turn it into gain.

“We learn more from losing than we do from winning”. John C. Maxwell

When we don’t learn from our failures, it will really hurt but taking advantage of it is what makes us truly successful. I will end this write up with this quote by Emmet fox

“The only real misfortune, the only real tragedy comes when we suffer without learning the lesson”

This write up was inspired also by my leadership coach John C. Maxwell words in his book “Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn”. Get a copy of the book and learn today.

Don’t forget I love you. You don’t have a choice but to leave comment 😉😊 because I know this was helpful


  1. Hi Tee Mira. I appreciate your effort as a blogger the drive and messages are quite inspiring.
    However “failure is NOT inevitable” you can do without failing in life. I am never a failure even for 1 second. I’ve got the life and nature of God in me; has he ever failed?
    So if you find yourself failing then ask yourself what have I been consuming? Have I been listening to my source and feeding from it.
    And example is the recently published list of cross over year two student. K* my friend and sister never thought she could make it. Was even processing her change of course but I reminded her that grace qualifies her not ability. And that grace is sufficient. Thank God she listened. 2days later I got a voice note of testimonies! So as a Christian, I don’t know about others but it is not in our DNA to fail🙅. We are more than conquerors in everything, every system and situation we find ourselves.
    Yes truly a righteous man shall fall 7 times and rise up but that still doesn’t classify him a failure. Success is not in what you do, it is in who you are. Success is a personality.
    Success is influencing the world with the investment of your personality. ~Pst Chris Oyakhilome. It is in the person. So as failure. So if it seemed you failed, rectify it spiritually first then physically. But NEVER accept it.
    Yes you learn when you fail but hey wisdom is a better teacher than experience. “Wisdom” is profitable to direct not “experience”. And Christ has been made unto us wisdom.
    DM me on instagram @Spirit_in_influence for a message “You can change it”.
    It made me and absolute success and now I never accept defeat.
    Selah. God bless you.

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