Beyond Expectation

Anything worth doing is worth overdoing _Ibrahim Salem

I remembered during my college days. I was in the science department in class 2. My physics teacher grouped the 60 of us in my class into 10. We were to work in a group project. Each group was given a specific research to work on and we were going to be graded for it.

Putting the required effort

I remembered working with my team to a make at least a close to perfection project. We put in a lot of effort, spend money and went the extra mile just to make the project okay and have an excellent score.

The aftermath

When the project was finally completed. We presented it on a particular day in front of the whole class. After the presentation, the whole class went gaga with amazement. They could not stop talking about it. It was the talk of the department for weeks. My teacher kept making reference to it. He said that ours was different and wasn’t the normal stuff he was expecting. He commended us well and we had the highest score. We set a standard for others. It was beyond expectation and till today I still cannot forget about it.

Anything you find yourself doing that is worthwhile. Put a lot of effort in it.

I legit love this pics


When I remember my experience. There is a word that comes to my mind. It is the word Awesome. It is doing something excellently, remarkable, super, phenomenal, fantastic or exciting. If you want to make a difference, you have to be awesome in everything you do. Everything that is important to you have to be done awesomely. It might be your academics, projects, a job, e.t.c

Anything you find yourself doing that is worthwhile, put effort in it. Do you know one thing about awesomeness?. People never forget about it. It sticks to them and they keep talking about it. It brings a different perspective about you. They tend to see you as a Superstar and not before long, you begin to get the required satisfaction.

Final note

Do more than what you are expected to do. Do it so excellently well. Go beyond expectations. If you are a singer, sing so well that people don’t have the choice but to give you the stage.

Never settle for less. Aspire for the best and put in effort to get there. Don’t forget this, Awesome people are excellent people and they are the difference maker.

So what are you planning to do awesome today? Let us talk in the comment section.

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